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I have moved most of my images for sale to While I enjoy DA very much and have participated, I have not had a return on investment.  I will stay on for the other artists I have come to appreciate here, the ability to print magnets, etc.  I would also like to keep engaged with this site in case they ever come up with a formula to reimburse artists.  One idea that I find compelling is to charge for likes.  For a while I have been paying artist with DA bucks each time I liked one of their images.  I think this should be part of the process when a person clicks on likes an image then a screen pops up asking what the collector wishes to donate to the artist, or accesses a minimum charge.  People who collect images can then contribute to the artist's effort.  Collectors could even earn a new type of badge...  I recommend that DA do something like this and make the DA Bucks convertible to cash (20%DA,80%Artist) or benefits based on what the artist desires and if they meet all the requirements for a cash disbursement.
Here are some of those other artists I love:

Mature Content

Hanging On by Tahiyd
  One Way Or Another by kaspired  Image by dasTOK 

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Untitled by alecdawsonphoto
kaspired Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Humm...  Y'know that's an interesting idea, about charging for favs.  Now it only requires a nervous twitch to fav a drawing.  If there was more at stake/investment a fav would mean more than just a pat on the back kind of thing.  Also if there was a real world advantage to DA points I'd be more interested in collecting them.  Since my local art supply store doesn't accept DA points, I can only only do commissions for real money.
rbcd Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I think it is another case of dying from exposure.  I would use DA points for things like magnets and mugs but cash is best, thsnks!
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